Pulmonary/Critical Care Physicians - 3288
Job Opportunity at Eskridge & Associates

Posted on Feb 5

http://www.eskridgeassociates.com    512.244.7023

Location: Albuquerque, NM
Job Type: Contract
Job ID: W4151602

  • board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Pulmonary/Critical Care
  • current, full and unrestricted license in one or more states
  • ACLS
  • BLS
  • current immunizations
  • NPI
  • DEA
  • Inpatient Critical Care: Contractor’s physician(s) shall provide clinical Pulmonary/Critical Care services.  Contractor’s physician(s) shall be present on time for any scheduled shifts or tours as documented by physical presence in the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) at the scheduled start time.
    • Approximate case load is as follows: # of patients per session: there are 12 MICU beds in the NMVAHCS Medical Intensive Care Unit.  The census can range from 1 to 15 patients with some patient responsibility in other inpatient wards at any given time.  The standard shift is 07:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. or 7:00 P.M. to 07:00 A.M. Sunday through Saturday. # of Pulmonary Fellows and/or IM Resident supervision: There are between 1 to 6 Pulmonary Fellows and/or IM Residents in the MICU at any scheduled time.
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care Procedures: Contractor’s physician(s) shall provide comprehensive Pulmonary/Critical Care services including the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, Ventilator management, Cardiac output, Blood Gas monitoring and Critical Care procedures.
  • Intraoperative Follow-up: The Contractor’s physician(s) shall be present in the patient room or procedure suite for all Pulmonary/Critical Care procedures.  All cases will be discussed in morbidity and mortality conferences, and the Contractor’s physician(s) will provide appropriate information to the COR for inclusion in departmental reports.
  • Postoperative Follow-Up. Contractor’s Physician rounds shall be conducted on postoperative ENT patients in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and on the wards. All cases will be discussed in morbidity and mortality conferences, and the contractor physician (s) will provide appropriate information to the COR for inclusion in departmental reports.
  •    Contractor’s physician(s) shall provide consultative services at the patient’s bedside if the patient is able to report to the outpatient clinic.  Procedures shall be scheduled for completion within 24 hours of the date of the consult.
  • Medications: Contractor’s physician(s) shall follow all established medication policies and   procedures.  No sample medications shall be provided to patients.
  • Discharge education: Contractor’s physician(s) shall provide discharge education and follow up instructions that are coordinated with the next care setting for all patients as appropriate.
VA Hours of Operation/Scheduling:
  • Contract Physicians shall be available and present in MICU during normal MICU inpatient shift hours at the Raymond G. Murphy Medical Center which will be established, and may be revised, as deemed appropriate for patient care by the Chief of Staff or his/her designee.  Currently, normal MICU inpatient hours are 07:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., or 7:00 P.M to 07:00 A.M., Sunday through Saturday. These 12 hour/days or 84 hours per week shifts are scheduled on a rotating basis with one week on and one week off.

Place of Performance: VA Medical Center for NMVAHCS; 1501 San Pedro Drive SE; Albuquerque, NM 87108-5154
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